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Sunday School 9:30 AM
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We are so glad that you have taken time out from your busy schedule to visit the Immanuel Baptist website.   We trust you will get a glimpse of what a church should really be like - a place where real people join together to find answers to life's issues and struggles.   As we study God's word and worship together we join in the process of understanding the depth of the unconditional love of God as revealed through his Son Jesus Christ.

Whether you are single, have a young family, are guiding teenagers, just became empty nesters, or are in your golden years, there is a place for you.   In all that we do at Immanuel we strive to be:

Building a Caring Community of Christ-Like Disciples for the Glory of God by Knowing, Growing, Serving, and Sharing Christ

Jesus said, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." ( John 14:6)   In a world where there appears to be no absolutes, we want to be a church that calls people to a fervent relationship with Jesus Christ.   He is our rock and salvation.   As we get to know Him better and obey his teachings we will be able to glorify God and live victorious lives.   Please come join us.

News - July 25th

Dear Immanuel family,

When you read the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life, you see how Jesus had great popularity with the crowds while the people were being healed and feed.  These authenticating works brought the good news to many.  However, as Jesus pointed out in the Parable of the Sower, true repentance and lasting fruit didn’t always result.  Later in his ministry when he felt the rejection of the religious leaders and the crowds he began to focus solely on teaching those close to him.   In Matthew 16 Jesus said, “I will build my church….” We too participate with the King of Kings and are so glad we are that Jesus said He will build his church.  This group of redeemed people, which includes us, who accept Jesus by faith alone, will spend eternity praising God.

Did you know that we are God the Father’s gift to his Son.  How special we are.   In the Jesus’ prayer in John 17 he put it this way, “I have manifested your name to the people whom you gave me out of the world.  Yours they were, and you gave them to me, and they have kept your word.”  Jesus wants as many of us to be with him in heaven as possible.  He wants the Body of Christ to do the best job it can in making sure everyone has a chance to hear the gospel.

Earlier in the week I made a call to our church’s phone company and today I received an email asking me to rate their service.  I know we would never think of taking a survey like this in church, but there are people who study how to best build a healthy church.  One such study was done by NCD and I thought some of you might want to read their summary (http://www.nabconference.org/sites/default/files/files/resources/NCDSummary2004.pdf They studied a 1000 churches in 32 countries and came up with 8 essential quality characteristics.  They are 1)   Empowering Leadership, 2) Gift-oriented Ministry, 3) Passionate Spirituality, 4) Functional Structures, 5) Inspiring Worship Service, 6) Holistic Small Groups, 7) Need-oriented Evangelism, and 8) Loving Relationships.

One  of these qualities of our church that I appreciate so much are the SOMA small groups.  We can’t wait until they start up again.  If you haven’t been a part of a SOMA group, please consider it.  They start up again on September 14th.  Did you know that there is a church in South Korea that has 830,000 members?  Hard to believe but an integral part of the church are the small groups that meet in homes.   Our small groups are important for our church too.   Let’s all be co-laborers with Christ as He builds His church.



Welcome Michael Wilburn As Senior Pastor

Immanuel Baptist Church Prepares To Welcome Michael Wilburn As Senior Pastor

Michael Lee Wilburn will officially join the staff of Immanuel Baptist Church as Senior Pastor on August 1, 2014. Michael faithfully served for the previous 12 years as the lead pastor of a church in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia where he led and nurtured a growing congregation.

As Senior Pastor, Michael will oversee all aspects of Immanuel’s ministries and serve as the primary preaching pastor. Michael’s passion for wholeheartedly worshipping and serving the Lord is evident throughout his ministry. He is committed to a literal, historical, grammatical and contextual approach to interpretation of scripture and is committed to the expository preaching of the Word of God. Michael and his wife, Sarah, have two children, Chloe and Titus.

In addition to his passion for the ministry, Michael is an avid reader and loves to learn. He earned a Master of Divinity degree from Virginia Beach Theological Seminary in 2007. He also holds a Master of Theology degree in systematic theology from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and is pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy degree in organizational leadership from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

We are grateful to the Lord for bringing Pastor Michael and his family to us and look forward expectantly to what God will do in and through the body of Christ here at Immanuel Baptist Church.


July 2014 Calendar

The July 2014 Calendar of opportunities to know, grow, serve and share is available at http://www.immanuelbaptist.org/images/documents/IBCJul2014.pdf.


Kisses from Katie

Kisses from Katie:  A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption may just possibly be the catalyst for a paradigm shift in your life.  Katie Davis is a young woman who was willing to serve Jesus in a foreign land, giving up all she knew and loved, to care for starving and sick children in Uganda.  She spoke from a burning heart to put into action the love of Christ that she heard about growing up as a child in Tennessee.  She sacrificed her comfort of upper middle class America, with all the trappings of a college education, sweet boyfriend, name-brand clothes, and a loving family around her for the sake of serving people who would be considered outcasts in any society-such as children with scabies and HIV.  She is spreading the Good News of Jesus by helping others, including adopting 13 children of her own as a single mother at the age of 22 years old.  She rescued these children from filthy conditions and most certain death.  The philosophy she espouses and promotes is that people who have not known love cannot really accept and understand the love of God unless they see what love really is in action.


Special Events Calendar

Sunday Morning Communion Service
Sun 09/07 (10:45 am)
SOMA Sunday Evening Service
Sun 09/14 (6:30 pm)
Worldview Sunday Session 2
Sun 09/21 (10:45 am)
Worldview Sunday Session 3
Sun 09/21 (6:30 pm)
Sunday Morning Communion Service
Sun 10/05 (10:45 am)
SOMA Sunday Evening Service
Sun 10/12 (6:30 pm)
Missions Conference
Fri 10/24 (7:00 pm)
Sunday Morning Communion Service
Sun 11/02 (10:45 am)
SOMA Sunday Evening Service
Sun 11/09 (6:30 pm)
Haase Report
Sun 11/16 (6:30 pm)
Labor of Love
Sat 11/22 (All Day)
Thanksgiving Service
Thu 11/27 (10:00 am)
Christmas Concert Morning Service
Sun 12/14 (10:45 am)
Carols, Cookies & Cocoa
Sun 12/14 (6:30 pm)
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