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We are so glad that you have taken time out from your busy schedule to visit the Immanuel Baptist website.   We trust you will get a glimpse of what a church should really be like - a place where real people join together to find answers to life's issues and struggles.   As we study God's word and worship together we join in the process of understanding the depth of the unconditional love of God as revealed through his Son Jesus Christ.

Whether you are single, have a young family, are guiding teenagers, just became empty nesters, or are in your golden years, there is a place for you.   In all that we do at Immanuel we strive to be:

Building a Caring Community of Christ-Like Disciples for the Glory of God by Knowing, Growing, Serving, and Sharing Christ

Jesus said, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." ( John 14:6)   In a world where there appears to be no absolutes, we want to be a church that calls people to a fervent relationship with Jesus Christ.   He is our rock and salvation.   As we get to know Him better and obey his teachings we will be able to glorify God and live victorious lives.   Please come join us.

Men's Group-Oct 1-Starting Over-Release It!

Greetings Men – Well the State Fair is in town and along with it the perennial State Fair Rain. I always plan on putting down grass seed in my yard during the fair because as far back as I could remember, the State Fair and rain were synonymous. Some quick unscientific research showed that rain has dampened some part of the state fair since its inauguration in 1854. So, if you need rain on something, plan it for the 10 days the State Fair is in town!

How many of you have known someone who held a grudge against someone else for months… or even years? We all know of the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s who have been carrying on their grudge match since 1865. My own grandfather held a grudge against a man – a neighbor in fact – that plowed his field in the wrong direction one spring so that it washed when it rained. Never mind that when the field was re-plowed that fall, everything was put back in order. And never mind that the washing did not affect his tobacco crop whatsoever that year. My grandfather held a grudge against his neighbor for years… just because it didn’t suit him or he didn’t like the way it was done – apreference you might say. In fact the neighbor finally passed away, still knowing he was object of a silly grudge match. How sad! I also heard a story just this week about a lady who would not speak to her brother for 32 years because he “insulted” her cucumber salad! Cucumber salad? I mean really!?!?!?

Who does a grudge – which is basically unforgiveness – really impact and hurt? The “recipient” of the grudge, often does not know that someone has something against them. But the “owner” or holder of the grudge is hosting an emotionally and often physically “draining sore” that can fester and consume much of our time, energy, joy and life! It is no wonder Scripture speaks to forgiveness so often and so fervently! After all, Jesus’ reason for dying on the cross was all about forgiveness. Forgiveness is about “releasing it” and giving it to God!

As we conclude the series on “Starting Over” this week, Andy tells us to “Release It”… let it go, and accept forgiveness. I suspect that all of us have something we could “release”… even if it was to forgive ourselves and hand it over to the Lord!! This is a GREAT conclusion to our “Starting Over” series. Don’t miss this one guys.


News - September 26

Dear Immanuel family,

The book of Hebrews tells us that Jesus is the “author and the finisher of our faith.”  Can we ever learn enough from studying Jesus’ life.  One of the most rewarding ways to study the Life of Christ, is using a “Harmony of the Gospels” http://hisways.org/steward/GospelsInChronologicalOrder.pdf which is the chronological ordering of Jesus’ life on this earth.  It makes it easy to see the similarities and differences of the four Gospel accounts.

Most of the events of Jesus’ life were recorded in at least three and sometimes all four of the Gospels.  How incredible to know that we have four reliable eyewitness accounts of the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus.  For those who have been followers of Jesus Christ for many years, you may have found that every time you read through the Bible, you see something new.

Just recently I saw something I hadn’t noticed before as I read the events of Jesus’ last week on earth.  During the Last Supper in Luke 22:24-30, sandwiched between Jesus washing the disciples’ feet and serving the Lord’s Supper, is the account of the disciples arguing over who was the greatest.  I don’t know about you, but that really struck me as strange.  The disciples, who had walked Palestine with Jesus for three years, were debating over which of them was the greatest?

Moments before they had heard Jesus say, “You ought to wash one another’s feet.”   As disappointing as this probably was to Jesus, he calmly responded by saying, “Let him who is greatest among you become as the youngest, and the leader as the servant.”  How thankful we are that this event was not left out of the Gospel accounts because it helps us relate to the disciples.  Each of us struggles, like the disciples, to not think about ourselves first.  Lord help us to get our eyes off ourselves, and on Jesus, and show us how we can serve you.




September 2014 Calendar

The September 2014 Calendar of opportunities to know, grow, serve and share is available at http://www.immanuelbaptist.org/images/documents/IBCSep2014.pdf.


Kisses from Katie

Kisses from Katie:  A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption may just possibly be the catalyst for a paradigm shift in your life.  Katie Davis is a young woman who was willing to serve Jesus in a foreign land, giving up all she knew and loved, to care for starving and sick children in Uganda.  She spoke from a burning heart to put into action the love of Christ that she heard about growing up as a child in Tennessee.  She sacrificed her comfort of upper middle class America, with all the trappings of a college education, sweet boyfriend, name-brand clothes, and a loving family around her for the sake of serving people who would be considered outcasts in any society-such as children with scabies and HIV.  She is spreading the Good News of Jesus by helping others, including adopting 13 children of her own as a single mother at the age of 22 years old.  She rescued these children from filthy conditions and most certain death.  The philosophy she espouses and promotes is that people who have not known love cannot really accept and understand the love of God unless they see what love really is in action.


Special Events Calendar

SOMA Sunday Evening Service
Sun 10/12 (6:30 pm)
Missions Combined Sunday School
Sun 10/19 (9:30 am)
Ladies Luncheon
Sun 10/19 (12:30 - noon)
Missions Evening Service
Sun 10/19 (6:30 pm)
Missions Conference
Fri 10/24 (7:00 pm)
Missions Combined Sunday School
Sun 10/26 (9:30 am)
Fall Festival
Wed 10/29 (6:30 am)
Sunday Morning Communion Service
Sun 11/02 (10:45 am)
SOMA Sunday Evening Service
Sun 11/09 (6:30 pm)
Operation Christmas Child
Wed 11/12 (7:00 pm)
Missionary Report
Sun 11/16 (6:30 pm)
Labor of Love
Sat 11/22 (All Day)
Missionary Report
Sun 11/23 (6:30 pm)
Thanksgiving Service
Thu 11/27 (10:00 am)
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