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We are so glad that you have taken time out from your busy schedule to visit the Immanuel Baptist website.   We trust you will get a glimpse of what a church should really be like - a place where real people join together to find answers to life's issues and struggles.   As we study God's word and worship together we join in the process of understanding the depth of the unconditional love of God as revealed through his Son Jesus Christ.

Whether you are single, have a young family, are guiding teenagers, just became empty nesters, or are in your golden years, there is a place for you.   In all that we do at Immanuel we strive to be:

Building a Caring Community of Christ-Like Disciples for the Glory of God by Knowing, Growing, Serving, and Sharing Christ

Jesus said, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." ( John 14:6)   In a world where there appears to be no absolutes, we want to be a church that calls people to a fervent relationship with Jesus Christ.   He is our rock and salvation.   As we get to know Him better and obey his teachings we will be able to glorify God and live victorious lives.   Please come join us.

Nov 2014 Calendar

The November 2014 Calendar of opportunities to know, grow, serve and share is available at http://www.immanuelbaptist.org/images/documents/IBCNov2014.pdf.


Men's Group-Oct 22-Right In The Eye-Good at Looking

Greetings Men – When I was a teenager growing up in the 1960’s – remember the Beatles, hippies, flower children, cheap gas, etc. – I was fascinated by the hippie movement. A big part of being a hippie was to be different from everyone in the “military-industrial complex”. But all the hippies, while desiring to be different, all looked, acted, and yes, smelled the same. (I never figured out why bathing was considered a bad thing). While this was considered to be “counter cultural”, it was in fact a culture within itself. The Volkswagen Van was the “official” car of hippie-ites, singing incomprehensible songs (Puff The Magic Dragon) was mandatory, and frequently, strange substances were ignited and inhaled just for fun. Moreover, most were usually supported by their parents who worked hard in the same “military-industrial complex” they so shunned. Now my no-nonsense Dad would have no part of this foolishness. In fact, he insisted rather strongly that I go to college and get a job in the “military-industrial complex” so he would not have to support me the rest of my life!! But I was still most perplexed by those who wanted to be different, being exactly like everyone else in their peer group. Go figure!

Today, there are still many, many opportunities and challenges to become part of our “culture”. It is increasingly difficult to not be “conformed” or “blended in” with our surroundings. I was reminded of this recently while helping tutor one of my Grandsons in Physical Science. We took two useful things – pure fresh drinking water, and salt – the kind that goes on potato chips and pretzels and corn on the cob. We were studying how things come together and form a solution. We took a fresh glass of water and added a tablespoon of salt and stirred the mixture to form a “solute”. Now both the water and salt are good things in their own rights. But when blended together, the “solute” became neither drinkable as water or useable as a seasoning for potato chips. Good and useful things, can be rendered un-useful, if they become blended with their surroundings. Think about it!

This week, Andy will challenge us with the question “Who do you want to follow, imitate, be like, blend with?” The answer is more pervasive that it initially appears. Don’t miss this exciting next session in our series!


News - October 18

Dear Immanuel family,

One of the highlights of the year at Immanuel is our Missions Conference.  Many of the previous Missions Conferences have challenged us to send and support missionaries that go to the ends of the earth to preach the gospel.  While this is still a tremendous need, we felt the Lord leading us to focus this year’s conference on “Reaching Richmond.”  We trust that the conference will encourage and equip you to get involved in ministries right here in our backyard.

Immanuel Baptist is strategically located in the City of Richmond.  God has given us the responsibility to be a redemptive force among the people who live around us.  In the 2010 Census the following statistics describe the 204,200 persons who live in the City of Richmond:  Median age: 32, African Am – 50.6%, Caucasian – 40.8%, Hispanic – 6.3%, and Asian – 2.3%,  Households with children: Two parent family – 51%, Mother only – 40%, & Dad only – 9%.

We look forward to how the Lord will challenge us during this next week with the spiritual and physical needs around us.  “The truth that has been missed is that God does much of what He does predicted on what His church is or is not doing….When the church fails to act in concert with God’s prescribed agenda, then God often chooses to postpone His active involvement until His people are prepared to respond.” (Tony Evans)  May the Lord give us open hearts and boldness to respond.




Come in and browse.  Be the first to check out some of these wonderful books and DVD’s.



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Missions Conference
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Men's Breakfast
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Sun 10/26 (9:30 am)
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Wed 10/29 (6:30 pm)
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Sun 11/02 (10:45 am)
Flowers Report Evening Service
Sun 11/02 (6:30 pm)
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Sun 11/09 (6:30 pm)
Operation Christmas Child
Wed 11/12 (7:00 pm)
Missionary Report
Sun 11/16 (6:30 pm)
Labor of Love
Sat 11/22 (All Day)
Missionary Report
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Thu 11/27 (10:00 am)
God’s Not Dead Film
Sun 11/30 (6:30 pm)
Christmas Concert Morning Service
Sun 12/14 (10:45 am)
Carols, Cookies & Cocoa
Sun 12/14 (6:30 pm)
Churchwide Christmas Caroling
Wed 12/17 (7:00 pm)
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